I've been wanting to post this pattern for a while!  I started this blog with the three original Kanto starters, but never quite completed the set.  With today's pattern you can finally make Pikachu! 

These patterns take time to design and write out. If you enjoyed using my pattern, please consider supporting me by paying what you can for the pattern by using the "support me" button to the right. 

Sc = single crochet
Inc = increase
Dec = decrease
FO = fasten off
CH = chain

Row 1:Sc 8 in loop
Row 2 Inc x 8 (16)
Row 3: *Sc, Inc* x 8 (24)
Row 4-6: Sc
Row 7: Sc 7, Inc, Sc 8, Inc, Sc 7 (26)
Place eyes 5 apart, 6 down (I used 8mm safety eyes)
Row 8: Sc  (26)
Row 9: Sc 3, Dec x 10, Sc 3 (16) 
Stuff head
Row 10: Sc 6, Dec x 2, Sc 6 (14)
Continuing and making the body
Row 11: Sc 2, inc, Sc 3, inc, Sc 3, inc, Sc 2, inc(18)
Row 12-16: Sc 
Dec to close
FO with a slip stitch

Row 1: CH 5 in loop
Row 2-3: Sc 

Row 1: CH 6 in loop
Row 2-3: Sc

Row 1: CH 6
Row 2: Sc, Inc x 3
Row 3-6: Sc
Row 7: Sc 
Row 8: *Sc, Dec* x 3
Row 9: Dec to close

Row 1: CH 3
Row 2: Sc 2, turn work  
Row 3: Sc 2, turn work 
Row 4: CH 3 from work, turn, in starting in 2nd chain from hook, Sc 3, turn
Row 5: Sc 3
Row 6: CH 3 from work, turn, in starting in 2nd chain from hook , Sc 4, turn
Row 7: Sc 4

Attach felt details (stripes and cheeks), and sew on tail, ears, arms, and legs.  

Enjoy the pattern, and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Want more patterns?  A pattern to make this guy is available on my Patreon right now. 


Back in the 90's he was in a very famous TV show.

Today's pattern is:

BoJack Horseman!

These patterns take time to design and write out. If you enjoyed using my pattern, please consider supporting me by paying what you can for the pattern by using the "support me" button to the right. 

Sc = single crochet
inc = single crochet increase
dec = single crochet decrease
FO = fasten off
slst = slip stitch
ch = chain
BLO = Back loop only

What You'll Need
2.75mm crochet hook
Worsted weight yarn in:
Sock weight yarn in:
Felt in:
12mm safety eyes
Tapestry Needle
Glue Gun
Polyester stuffing

Using brown yarn
Row 1: SC 8 in magic loop 
Row 2: Inc x 8 (16)
Row 3: *Sc, inc* x 8 (24)
Row 4: *Sc 2, inc* x 8 (32)
Row 5-11: Sc x 32 (32)
Row 12: *Sc, Dec*. x 7, Sc 11 (25)
Row 13: Sc
Row 14: *Sc, Dec* X 3, Sc 13, Sc, dec (21)
Row 15-18: Sc x 21 (21)
Row 19-close: Dec to close, FO
Now you can add the felt details as seen in the picture.  For the eyes you can either use safety eyes like I did (12mm), or use felt.  I looped black yarn through the stitches, and fastened it off.

Using brown yarn
Row 1: Ch 15, join with slst
Row 2: Sc x 15 (15)
Row 3: *Sc 4, inc* X 3 (18)
Row 4: Sc 18 (18)
 Using blue yarn 
Row 5: *Sc 4, inc 5* X 2 (28)
Row 6: Sc x 28 in the BLO (you want it to look like a collar)
Row 7: Sc x 28
Row 8: *Sc 8, inc* X 2, Sc 9, inc (31)
Row 9-11: Sc x 31 (31)
Row 12: Sc 5, *Sc 5, inc* x 4, Sc (35) 
Row 13-14: Sc X 35 (35)
 Using teal yarn 
Row 15-17: Sc x 35 (35)
Now you're going to make the legs!  I've attached a picture for how this process should look (although it isn't the proper amount of stitches, so don't let that throw you off)

For you, you want to have the legs be 17 stitches.  That means there will be one extra (with your round of 35).  I just left it in the middle, and sewed it closed once the legs were done.  
So starting on the legs you will repeat this process for the other one:
Once your work looks like the picture, 
Row 18-22: Sc around (17)

 Using red yarn 
Row 23: Sc around, but you're going to put an increase in each of the 8 front stitches.  This will make it look like shoes/feet (25)
Row 24-25: Sc x 25 (25)
 Using whiteyarn 
Row 26: Sc x 25 (25)
Row 27: In the BLO *Sc 2, Dec*x 6, Sc (19)
Row 28 to close: DEC to close, FO
Repeat this for the other leg, and then stuff the body from the neck.  
Sew the head onto the neck.  
At this point you can also embroider the black X's onto his sweater.  

 Using blue yarn 
Row 1: Ch 8 in loop
Row 2: *Sc 3, inc* X 2 (10)
Row 3-11: Sc x 10 (10)
 Using brown yarn 
Row 12: *Sc, inc* X 5 (15)
Row 13: Sc x 15 (15)
Row 14: *Sc, Dec* X 5 (10)
Row 15 to close: Dec to close, FO
Stuff the arms, and sew them onto the body.

 Using fingering weight grey yarn 
Row 1: Ch 38
Row 2-8: Sc x 39 (39)
Row 9: Sc 5, Dec, Sc 25, Dec, Sc 5 (37)
Row 10-14: Sc x 38, FO (37)
Now you have a rectangle that should wrap around his body under his arms.  You're going to crochet a smaller rectangle on the top of this, that will sit between his shoulders.  
Row 15(ish): Count 13 stitches (we're crocheting across the wide part of the rectangle), and put your hook into the 14th.  Sc 11 starting there.  When you finish, there should be another 13 stitches left on the other side.  
Row 16-17(ish): Turn your work, ch 1.  Sc x 11
Now you should have a raised rectangle on top of your larger rectangle.  Now you're going to direct your attention to those two lower spaces with 13 stitches.

Start of collar/jacket lapel 
Row 1 (but still attached to the other piece): Choose either, and starting in the 1st stitch, Sc 7
Row 2: Sc x 7 (7)
Row 3: Sc 5, Dec (6)
Row 4: Dec, Sc 4 (5)
Row 5: Sc 3, Dec (4)
Row 6-30: Sc x 4 (4)
Row 31: Inc, Sc 3 (5) 
** you want your increases to be on the same side as your previous ones.  If they aren't for some reason, just reverse these next 3 rows to make it right.**
Row 32: Sc 4, inc (6)
Row 33: Inc, Sc 5 (7)
Row 34-35: Sc x 7 (7)

Sewing the collar on.  
You'll be sewing it to the other side (the other 13 stitches that you didn't start on)  Starting on the edge, sew your work to the 7 stitches.
*Attaching it to the middle raised rectangle*
Count 12 rows, in the 13th sew across the 11 back stitches. Really, you just want to be sewing the middle of this piece to that raised rectangle.  

Those 6 stitches on the large rectangle that weren't worked/sewed in are now the openings for the arm holes.  

Jacket Arms
Row 1: Crocheting onto the arm hole space, Sc 17 around. 
(you will have to do some decreases to make the crocheting look smooth.  I just eyeballed it and it worked fine. )
Row 2-8: Sc x 17 (17)
Row 9: Sc around, but dec 1 under the arm to shape the sleeves.  (16)
Row 10-17: Sc x 16 (16)
Weave in all ends, and sew the lapel and collar down.  

Growlithe Pattern

This week I'm giving you guys a pattern for Growlithe!  This tiny, adorable little Pokemon would look perfect sitting on your desk or shelf, and is incredibly easy to make to boot! 

For this one, you'll have to be at least mildly comfortable with embroidery, as the stripes are embroidered on.  Additionally, get ready to be patient.  The fur takes forever to attach on. 

It's all worth it though.  Once you're done you're left with a cute, fluffy friend.  :D

Growlithe Pattern


3.25mm crochet hook
1 ball orange worsted weight yarn
Small amount of black  and white/cream worsted weight yarn
1 ball of white or cream roving yarn (or any yarn you can brush out easily)
Polyester stuffing
Tapestry Needle
8mm safety eyes


SC = single crochet
DEC = decrease
INC = increase
FO = Fasten off
slst = slip stitch
X = stitch 

Row 1: Make a magic loop and SC 8 into it (8)
Row 2: INC x 8 (16)
Row 3: *SC, INC* x 8 (24)
Row 4-6: SC x 24 (24)
Row 7: SC 7, INC, SC 8, INC, SC 7 (26)
Row 8: SC x 26
Now you're going to place the safety eyes in-between rows 6-7 in between the two increases.  Count in 2 from each of the increases, and place the eyes there.  
For example: INC X EYE X X X X EYE X INC
Row 9: SC 2, DEC 11, SC 2 (15)
Stuff Head
Row 10: SC, DEC 6, SC 2 (9)

Continuing from head
Row 11: INC 3, SC 5, INC 2 (15)
Row 12: INC 2, SC 12, INC (19)
Row 13-16: SC x 19 (19)
Row 17-Close: DEC to close, FO with slst

Row 1: Make a magic loop, and SC 6 into it (6)
Row 2: INC 3, SC 3, FO with slst (9)

Row 1: Make a magic loop, and SC 8 into it (8)
Row 2: SC 8 (8)
Row 3: DEC 3, SC 2 (5)
Row 4-5: SC 5, FO with slst (5)
The decrease shaping will create a paw shape.  

Row 1: Make a magic loop, and SC 6 into it (6)
Row 2: INC 4, SC 2, FO with slst (10) 

Sew arms/legs, nose, and ears onto the body.  

You're going to make a base for the tail, so you don't have to use roving for all of it.  
Row 1: Make a magic loop, and SC 6 into it (6)
Row 2: INC 3, SC 3 (9)
Row 3: DEC 6, SC 3 (6)
Row 4-5: SC (6)
Row 7-Close: DEC to close, FO with slst

Sew the tail onto the body.  

Now for the fun part - the fluff!

You can either attach it this way: https://freshstitches.com/how-to-add-yarn-hair-to-amigurumi-tutorial/ , and brush out the yarn to be fluffy

OR you can do it the lazy way like I did: 

Using a hot glue gun, pinch small pieces of the roving, and stick them where they're supposed to be.  It works, and it's quick!  You just have to be careful with the glue, as it can look very messy if done badly.  

A peek into the pattern post scheduled for 2 weeks from now (it's already available on my Patreon)



Bumble Bee Pattern

This week you guys get two patterns!  I haven't been posting for a while, so I decided that I would re-boot my blog by making two posts.

The first is this adorable bumble bee pattern.  This pattern is actually the first pattern I've ever written.  It's been sitting in my patterns folder forever, so I decided I should go ahead and share it!  It would be perfect for a nursery decoration, or as a rattle if you add a little shaker inside.

Bumble Bee Crochet Pattern

By: LoopTeeLoops

Your Materials

3-3.5mm crochet hook
Round marker (A paper clip or pipe-cleaner works well if you don’t have one)
Yellow and black yarn of the same weight (less than a quarter of a skein of each)
10mm Safety eyes (Small buttons give a cute look if you don’t have safety eyes)
Polyfill (or really any stuffing material)
Tapestry needle (For making the mouth and sewing on the wings)


Single crochet = SC
Increase = INC
Decrease = DEC
Slip stitch = SlSt


Row 1:  SC 8 in magic ring (8 stitches)
Row 2: *INC* x8  (16 stitches)
Row 3: *INC, INC, SC* x5 *INC* x 1 (27 stitches)
Row 4: *SC, SC, SC, INC* x 6, *SC, SC, SC* x 1 (33 stitches)
Row 5-8: SC in all (33 stitches in each row)

Install eyes (I placed them In line with the center of the face)

Embroider mouth

Row 9-10: Switch to black (see images 1-4 if needed), SC in all (33
Row 11-13: Switch to Yellow, SC in all (33 stitches)
Row 14-15: Switch to Black, SC in all (33 stitches)
Row 16-17: Switch to Yellow, SC in all (33 stitches)
Row 18- close: DEC in all, Slip stitch to close
(Half-way through this, stuff the body)

Row 1: Ch 5
Row 2: Start from the second chain on the hook and *SC, INC, SC, SC* (5 stitches)
Row 3-4: SC across (5 stitches)
Row 5: DEC, SC, DEC (3 stitches)
Row 6: DEC and slip stitch to close

And you’re done!

I hope you enjoyed making the pattern!

Deadpool Crochet Pattern

There's a thing I think all of you need, and that's a tiny Merc With A Mouth plushie.  Yup, for this week's post I've written a Deadpool pattern!

I've also just written a brand new knitting pattern if that's your thing.  It's for a super warm knit hooded scarf that's available here.  (I'm a grad student, so I would appreciate it so much if you could support me by purchasing some of my paid patterns <3)

Anyways, without further ado, here's my Deadpool pattern!

Deadpool Crochet Pattern

By LoopTeeLoops

Ravelry Project Page

What You'll Need
· Worsted weight red yarn
· Worsted weight black yarn
· Black felt
· White felt
· Red felt
· Brown felt
· Stuffing (for filling the body)
· Fabric glue/hot glue gun
· 3.5mm crochet hook
· Tapestry needle
· Scissors

SC = Single crochet
CH = Chain
SC INC = Single crochet increase
SC DEC = Single crochet decrease
FO = Fasten off

With Red Yarn
Row 1: Ch 2.   SC 7 in 2nd chain from hook (7 stitches)
*alternatively, you can make a magic loop with 7 stitches
Row 2: *SC INC* x 7 (14 stitches)
Row 3: *SC INC* x 14 (28 stitches)
Row 4 – 11: *SC* x 28 (28 stitches)
Row 12: *SC* x 4, *SC DEC* x 10, *SC* x 4  (18 stitches)
Row 13: SC, *SC DEC x 8*, SC (10 stitches)
This decrease will create the shape for the front and back of the head.

For the body, you’ll need to get comfortable with switching the colour of your
working yarn.  You can find lots of tutorials on Youtube if you’re unsure of how to properly switch the yarn colour while crocheting. 

Row 1: with red *SC* x 2, with black * SC INC* x 2, with red *SC INC* x 2, with black * SC INC* x 2, With red *SC* x 2 (16 stitches)
Row 2-5: with red *SC* x 2, with black *SC* x 4, with red *SC* x 4, with black *SC* x 4, with red *SC* x 2 (16 stitches)

Now you find yourself at the back of the torso.  To begin the legs, you’re going to continue the same pattern as before:
Row 1: with red *SC* x 2, with black *SC* x 4, with red *SC* x 2.  (8 stitches)
You’re now at the front of the body.  Using the red yarn still (you’re done with the black yarn for now), instead of continuing around the body, you’re going to begin making the leg by putting a SC into the first SC of row one.  (See
pictures below)

<— As you can see by this picture, I’ve put a SC into the first red SC of row 1, making a loop to build the leg off of.


Row 2: (following the step above) with red SC 8 around.  (8 stitches)
Row 3: *SC* x 8 (8 stitches)
Row 4: with black *SC* x 8 (8 stitches)
Row 5: with red *SC* x 8 (8 stitches)
Row 6-close: *SC DEC* x 2, *Slip stitch DEC to close*.  FO. 
Now it should look like this:


 For the other leg, repeat.  Starting at the back of the torso:

Row 1: with red *SC* x 2, with black *SC* x 4, with red *SC* x 2.  (8 stitches)
Row 2: (following the same steps as above to make the loop) with red SC 8 around.  (8 stitches)
Row 3: *SC* x 8 (8 stitches)
Row 4: with black *SC* x 8 (8 stitches)
Row 5: with red *SC* x 8 (8 stitches)
Row 6-close: *SC DEC* x 2, *Slip stitch DEC to close*.  FO. 

(Make two)
Row 1: with black CH 7, join into a loop with a slip stitch. (7 stitches)
Row 2: *SC* x 7 (7 stitches)
Row 3-4: with red *SC* x 7 (7 stitches)
Row 5: with black *SC* x 7 (7 stitches)
Row 6: with red *SC* x 7 (7 stitches)
Row 7-close: *SC DEC* x 2, *Slip stitch DEC to close*. FO.

Sew the arms right under the neck, at the sides of the body. 

Now your Deadpool should look like this:

 Now comes the facial features and accessories.  These are completely up to you, but I’ll go through and explain what I did for mine.  (As well as give some 
more up close pictures.)

I cut two small egg shaped pieces out of white felt, and two large ovals out of black. 

For the belt, I cut a thin strip out of the black felt.  The buckle is super easy.  Just cut one small black circle, and a larger red circle.  Cut the black circle in half, and glue it onto the red
circle.  I made two pouches to put on either side of the belt buckle by cutting a
rectangle, and folding the top over and gluing it down. 

I also put two smaller belts on both legs, with one pouch on the side of each one. 

Glue everything on, and weave in any loose ends, and you're done!  

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.  

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Tiny Cubone Crochet Pattern

A while back I got a request for a tiny Cubone, but all of the patterns available weren't really my cup of tea so I wrote my own!  I had been meaning to put the nearly nonsensical scraps of pattern notes into a legible pattern for quite a while, so I finally sat down and forced myself to write.  

I hope you enjoy the pattern, and feel free to let me know if there's any issues. (Preferably in the comments so others can see the solution if they had the same problem.)

Crochet Cubone Pattern

By LoopTeeLoops

What You'll Need
Worsted weight yarn in:
-Dark Beige
8mm safety eyes
Polyfil (or some other sort of stuffing.)
Tapestry Needle
3.5mm crochet hook

SC - Single Crochet
INC - Increase
DEC - Decrease
FO - Fasten Off
CH - Chain
Slst - Slip Stitch

*Note that this pattern is still kind of a rough copy; I don't have too much time for pattern writing this week.  Each new line is a new row, unless it says to do __ for __ rows.  


Starting with your scull colour. (I just used beige yarn.)

Sc 8 in magic loop

Inc x 8 (16)
*Sc, Inc* x 8 (24)
Sc 4 rows
Sc 4, inc, Sc 14, inc, Sc 4 (26)
Sc 3, Dec x 10, Sc 3 (16)
Sc 3, Dec x 5, Sc 3 (11)

Don't FO, you'll be making the body once you attach the eyes.  

Starting with the taupe yarn
CH 2, SC 9 into 1st CH. (Or make magic loop and SC 9 into that, leaving the loop loose enough to fit the safety eyes.
Switch to beige yarn
Sc x 9 around, FO.

Put safety eyes through the center.
Place eyes 6 down, 5 apart

Fasten eyes, and stuff the head.

Starting from the head where you left off, using Taupe yarn
Inc to 18. (I increased around, but did one single crochet on the front, back, and both sides. Really, you're increasing all stitches but four.)
Sc 5 rows
Dec to close

SC 6 in magic loop.
*Sc, inc* x 3 (9)
Sc 9

SC 4 in magic loop
Sc, inc 2, Sc (6)
Sc 2, inc 2, Sc 2 (8)
Sc 3, inc 2, sc 3 (10)
Sc 10

Face bones
CH 2, SC 7 into 1st stitch.
(You're making a half disk shape.)

CH 3, slst into 1st CH. (This makes a small but sturdy tooth shape.)

SC 4 in magic loop.
Inc, Sc 3 (5)
Inc, Sc 4 (6)
Inc, Sc 5 (7)
Inc, Sc 6 (8)

With the darker beige
SC 8 in magic loop
*Inc 2, Sc 2* x 2 (16)

SC 5 in magic loop
Sc 2 rows

SC 6 in magic loop
Sc 2 rows


Sew the horns, fangs, nose and face bones on using the pictures provided for placement.  

Sew on the arms, legs, and tail.  

Back Spikes
These are super simple to make:
SC 7, sew the chain into the shape of two tiny triangles on the back.  Make sure to FO firmly.  (I used knots.)

CH 7
Slst into 4th stitch from hook
CH 4
Sl st into that same stitch as before
SC, Slst, FO. 
Sew the bone onto one of the hands.  

With some black yarn, embroider the nostrils.  

And You're Done! :D

Feel free to share your finished projects (I've linked the Ravelry page at the start.)


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