Tiny Cubone Crochet Pattern

A while back I got a request for a tiny Cubone, but all of the patterns available weren't really my cup of tea so I wrote my own!  I had been meaning to put the nearly nonsensical scraps of pattern notes into a legible pattern for quite a while, so I finally sat down and forced myself to write.  

I hope you enjoy the pattern, and feel free to let me know if there's any issues. (Preferably in the comments so others can see the solution if they had the same problem.)

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Crochet Cubone Pattern

By LoopTeeLoops

What You'll Need
Worsted weight yarn in:
-Dark Beige
8mm safety eyes
Polyfil (or some other sort of stuffing.)
Tapestry Needle
3.5mm crochet hook

SC - Single Crochet
INC - Increase
DEC - Decrease
FO - Fasten Off
CH - Chain
Slst - Slip Stitch

*Note that this pattern is still kind of a rough copy; I don't have too much time for pattern writing this week.  Each new line is a new row, unless it says to do __ for __ rows.  


Starting with your scull colour. (I just used beige yarn.)

Sc 8 in magic loop

Inc x 8 (16)
*Sc, Inc* x 8 (24)
Sc 4 rows
Sc 4, inc, Sc 14, inc, Sc 4 (26)
Sc 3, Dec x 10, Sc 3 (16)
Sc 3, Dec x 5, Sc 3 (11)

Don't FO, you'll be making the body once you attach the eyes.  

Starting with the taupe yarn
CH 2, SC 9 into 1st CH. (Or make magic loop and SC 9 into that, leaving the loop loose enough to fit the safety eyes.
Switch to beige yarn
Sc x 9 around, FO.

Put safety eyes through the center.
Place eyes 6 down, 5 apart

Fasten eyes, and stuff the head.

Starting from the head where you left off, using Taupe yarn
Inc to 18. (I increased around, but did one single crochet on the front, back, and both sides. Really, you're increasing all stitches but four.)
Sc 5 rows
Dec to close

SC 6 in magic loop.
*Sc, inc* x 3 (9)
Sc 9

SC 4 in magic loop
Sc, inc 2, Sc (6)
Sc 2, inc 2, Sc 2 (8)
Sc 3, inc 2, sc 3 (10)
Sc 10

Face bones
CH 2, SC 7 into 1st stitch.
(You're making a half disk shape.)

CH 3, slst into 1st CH. (This makes a small but sturdy tooth shape.)

SC 4 in magic loop.
Inc, Sc 3 (5)
Inc, Sc 4 (6)
Inc, Sc 5 (7)
Inc, Sc 6 (8)

With the darker beige
SC 8 in magic loop
*Inc 2, Sc 2* x 2 (16)

SC 5 in magic loop
Sc 2 rows

SC 6 in magic loop
Sc 2 rows


Sew the horns, fangs, nose and face bones on using the pictures provided for placement.  

Sew on the arms, legs, and tail.  

Back Spikes
These are super simple to make:
SC 7, sew the chain into the shape of two tiny triangles on the back.  Make sure to FO firmly.  (I used knots.)

CH 7
Slst into 4th stitch from hook
CH 4
Sl st into that same stitch as before
SC, Slst, FO. 
Sew the bone onto one of the hands.  

With some black yarn, embroider the nostrils.  

And You're Done! :D

Feel free to share your finished projects (I've linked the Ravelry page at the start.)


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  1. Hi! Thanks for the pattern!

    Which side of the skull do I sew the eyes on? The rounded part, of the flatter part?

    1. Oops, I meant "or the flatter part?"

    2. No problem! The rounded part is the front of the face, so sew the eyes on that side. (Think of the increases like the chin/cheeks.)


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