Giant Blanket Tutorial

Hello all!  I haven't posted for a while, but I'm planning to change that in the next few months.

I have a few more free Pokemon patterns in the works, and you can follow along with that progress on my instagram:

I've gotten many questions about how to make these blankets, so below you'll find both written and video instructions.

Happy creating! :)

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8-9 Balls Bernat Blanket Big


CH = Chain
Slst = Slip Stitch 

Written Instructions

Chain Row: 
As shown in the video, start by making a slip knot.  Then CH the number of stitches to get your desired length (I did 42 for a 68'' blanket).  

*pause video*

Row 1: 
Starting in the 2nd CH from your hand, insert your fingers, grab your working yarn, and pull through both loops (the one on your hand, and the one you just put your fingers into.)  Repeat until the end of the row, being careful not to twist the yarn.  

*pause video*

Row 2-end:
CH 1 to start the row.  You'll see two loops making up that row you just did.  You want to crochet in the back loops.  Those are the loops furthest away from you. (Watch video for guidance in this).  
Crochet to the end of the row, and repeat!  

* I realize that I never gave guidance in the video on how to start a new skein of yarn.  Once you come to the end of your ball, leave about 8 inches.  With the loop still on your hand as usual, insert your hand into the next stitch, and pull through yarn from your new ball instead (also leaving a 8 inch tail.)

You can then tie these together for extra durability, and weave all the ends in at the end - tucking and twisting them into your project so they can't be seen.  

Fastening off:
When you get to the end of your project, simply cut the yarn, leaving an 8 inch tail.  Pull the yarn through your loop, and pull tight - fastening off your work.  

Video Tutorial:

(It's silent because I'm really, really bad at narrating what I'm doing.  So watch it along with the written instructions.)

Good luck!  And let me know in the comments if you have any questions :D

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