Giant Squirtle Pattern


Two patterns in one month?  It's almost like I'm procrastinating from something.  (I am.)

I really need to take new pictures of Squirtle, but that update will have to wait for another time.  For now, happy crocheting! 

What You'll Need

Bernat blanket yarn in:

-Royal blue

-Vintage White


Scrap chunky white yarn (about 3 meters) (alternatively, use white bernat blanket yarn)

Brown, black, and white felt

Polyester stuffing

Glue Gun

Tapestry needle


6.5mm crochet hook

Each new line is a new row unless it says otherwise 


(Using blue)

SC 8 in magic loop

Inc x 8

*Sc, inc* X 8

*Sc 2, inc* X 8

*Sc 7, inc* X 4

Sc around for 4 rows

Sc 16, inc, sc 2, inc, sc 16

Sc around for 3 rows

Sc 3, Dec 16, sc 3

Sc 3, Dec 8, sc 3

Continuing on to the body

(using vintage white)

Inc 6, sc, inc 6 

*Sc 5, inc* X 2, sc 2, *inc, sc 5* X 2

Sc 9, inc. X 3

Sc 9 rows

Dec to close, FO


(Using Taupe)

SC 8 in magic loop

Inc x 8

*Inc 5, sc 3* X 2

Sc 2, inc. X 8, sc, inc

Sc 3, inc. X 8, sc 2, inc 

Sc 10, inc. X 4

Sc 11, inc. X 4

(Switching to your white scrap yarn OR white bernat blanket yarn)

Slip stitch around the outside, creating the white border.  FO


Sc 8 into magic loop

Inc x 8

Sc 3, inc. X 4

Sc around for 7 rows

Sc 8, Dec. X 2

Sc 7, Dec

Sc 6, Dec

Sc 5, Dec

Sc 12

Sc 4 more rows

DEC to close, FO


SC 6 into magic loop

Inc 3, sc 3

*Sc, inc* X 3, sc 3

Sc 3 rows

*Sc 2, Dec* X 3



CH 12 and join ends with slip stitch

*Sc 3, inc* X 3

Sc 3 rows

*Sc 3, Dec* X 3

Inc 4, sc 8

Sc 8, Dec 4

Dec to close, FO

Now sew all the parts together, making sure to stuff the arms, legs, and tail as firm as you want.  

For the eyes I cut out the felt, and simply glued it on with a glue gun.  

Have fun making him!  If you have issues, feel free to ask in the comments and I'll get back to you asap (I'm trying to check in on them more often)

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