Giant Charmander Crochet Pattern

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I've slowly been going through my most popular patterns to update them and correct any mistakes. If you find an issue in any of my patterns, feel free to leave a comment and I'll correct it when I have time! 

Each of these next three patterns are made using Bernat Blanket yarn. I suggest that you use the recommended yarns, as I haven't tested with any other materials or weights.

If you do try out a different yarn, be sure to let me know how it went in the comments!

The Pattern

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What You'll Need

7mm crochet hook

Bernat blanket Yarn in Pumpkin Spice

Felt in:





-Tapestry Needle

-Glue Gun OR if sewing on the eyes: embroidery thread in green, white, and black. Plus an embroidery needle. 


-Polyester stuffing

Acrylic yarn in:




Head and Body

Round 1: SC 8 into magic loop

Round 2: INC (16)

Round 3: *SC, INC* x 8 (24)

Round 4: *SC 2, INC* x 8 (32)

Round 5-8: SC around

Round 9: INC 3, SC, INC 3, SC 25 (38)

Rounds 10-12: SC around

Round 13: DEC 11, SC 10, DEC 3 (24)

Round 14: DEC 5, SC 12, DEC (18)

Stuff Head

Round 15: *SC 5, INC* x 3 (21)

Round 16: SC 7, *SC, INC* x 7 (28)

Round 17: *SC 6, INC* x 4 (32)

Rounds 18-26: SC around

Round 27: *SC, DEC* x 11  

DEC to close, stuff body before it's fully closed, FO


Round 1: SC 6 in magic loop

Round 2: INC (12)

Rounds 3-5: SC around

Round 6: DEC 4, INC 4 (12)

Round 7: SC 7, INC 2, SC 3 (14)

Round 8: SC 9, INC 2, SC 3 (16)

Round 9: SC, DEC 2, SC 5, INC 2, SC 4

Round 9: DEC 4, SC 6, DEC (11)

Stuff legs

DEC to close, FO


SC 5 into magic loop

INC (10)

SC 4 rows

DEC, SC 3, DEC, SC 3 (8)


Stuff Arms


Round 1: SC 4 in magic loop

Round 2: INC 2, SC 2 (6)

Round 3: SC, INC 2, SC 3 (8)

Round 4: SC 2, INC 2, SC 4 (10)

Round 5: SC 3, INC 2, SC 3, DEC (11) *the next few rows overlap into the next row a bit. This is on purpose to put the DEC at the bottom of the tail

Round 6: SC 4, INC, SC 2, INC, SC 3, DEC (13)

Round 7: SC around 

Round 8: SC 4, INC 2, SC 5, DEC (13)

Round 9: SC 5, INC 2, SC 5, DEC (14)

Round 10: SC 5, INC, SC, INC, SC 5, DEC (15)

Round 11: SC around

Putting it all Together

At this point I made the flame for the tail. I took acrylic yarn in orange, yellow, and red, and unraveled it giving it a looser, softer look, I tied a large knot in it, and put it through the magic loop in the tip of the tail. If the loop was still too loose I tightened it at this point.

I then sewed the tail on, and cut the beige felt to size to cover the tummy and underside of the tail. Then I just glued it on. 


Next sew your arms and legs on, weaving in all ends as you go (including the tail end.

For the eyes I examined many pictures of Charmander until I found my favourite design, and cut the pieces of felt out. Set them up before you glue them together to make sure they're perfect.

Glue the eyes together, and stick them on your Charmander.

And you're done!

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions, if I missed a step, or if anything was unclear. 

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Stay safe and healthy <3  

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