A Child Pattern

Hello, all! This following pattern is unlabeled, and is the pattern only. I've made it for an educational
reference, and as such I can't provide step-by-step photos.
(I'm trying to avoid any issues with copyright, so I apologize if this is challenging for beginners to make.)

Want to see how I make things? I often post progress photos in my instagram stories

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SC = Single crochet
INC = Single crochet increase
DEC = Single crochet decrease
FO = Fasten off
CH = Chain
slst = slip stitch

*SC 3, dec* x 4 = single crochet for 3 stitches, decrease once. Repeat the directions in the **'s 4 times.

Needle felter
Loops and threads Charisma in: (I JUST FIXED THIS, I HAD THE WRONG NAME)
-Sage (1-2 balls)
-Pecan (1 ball)
-Taupe (1 ball)
Light pink roving
Dark brown roving
White Roving
Polyester stuffing
Tapestry needle for weaving in ends/sewing doll together
18mm safety eyes
4mm crochet hook (this was used for everything)


Rnd 1: Using the magic loop technique, CH 8 into it. (There’s tons of Youtube tutorials if you don’t
know what this is. 
Rnd 2: INC x 8 (16 stitches total)
Rnd 3: *INC 4, SC 4* x 2 (24 stitches total)
Rnd 4: SC 2, INC 4, SC 8, INC 4, SC 6 (32 stitches total)
*If you place stitch markers right in the middle of the increase sections on both sides, you'll know exactly where the sides of the head are. This helps with placing the eyes.
Rnd 5: SC 3, *SC, INC* x 3, SC 10, *INC, SC* x 3, SC 7 (38 stitches total)
Rnd 6: SC 7, INC, SC, INC, SC 16, INC, SC, INC, SC 9 (42 stitches total)
Rnd 7-13: SC
Rnd 14: *SC 5, DEC* x 6 (36)
Rnd 15: *SC 4, DEC* x 6 (30)
Rnd 16: *SC 3, DEC* x 6 (24)

Place eyes 11 rows down, about 10 rows apart. I also put an oval of dark brown felt behind the eyes.
(Although I ended up needle felting even more dark brown around the eyes later).
**Make sure the eyes are centered! (With the increase sections at the sides of the head)

Stuff the head.

Rnd 17: SC 3, DEC 4, SC 4, DEC 4, SC (16)
Rnd 18: SC (16)
Rnd 19: *SC 3, INC* x 4 (20)
Rnd 20: *SC 4, INC* x 4 (24)
Rnd 21: *SC 5, INC* x 4 (28)
Rnd 22: *SC 6, INC* x 4 (32)
Rnd 23-30: SC 
*Last row, make sure you SC to middle of back

Stuff the body/finish stuffing the head.

Divide for legs
You should be at the back.  SC at the front, so you now have two rounds of 16 stitches.

Here's an example of this technique from another pattern:

Leg Rnd 1-6: SC around (16 stitches total)
Rnd 7: *INC 3 (in 1 stitch), SC 2* x 3 across the front of the foot. SC across the back (25 stitches total)
Rnd 8: SC (25)
Rnd 9: DEC to close

Repeat for the other leg, stuffing the body/legs as you go.


Rnd 1: CH 10, join with a slst. (to make a loop)
Rnd 2: *SC 4, INC* x 2 (12 stitches total)
Rnd 3-11: SC (12)

using the same technique as the divide for legs, make three fingers 4 around.  

For each finger you'll SC 3, DEC.  FO. You can also just make 3 magic loops (of 4 SC each)

Rnd 1: CH 16
Rnd 2: SC 7, INC 2, SC 7 (18)
Rnd 3: SC 8, INC 2, SC 8 (20)
Rnd 4-7: SC
Rnd 8: SC 9, DEC, SC 9 (19)
Rnd 9: SC 8, DEC, SC 9 (18)
Rnd 10: SC 8, DEC, SC 8 (17)
Rnd 11: SC 8, DEC, SC 7 (16)
Rnd 12: SC 7, DEC, SC 7 (15)
Rnd 13: SC 6, DEC, SC 7 (14)
Rnd 14: SC 5, DEC 2, SC 5 (12)
Rnd 15: SC 4, DEC 2, SC 4 (10)
Rnd 16: SC 3, DEC 2, SC 3 (8)
Rnd 17: SC 2, DEC 2, SC 2 (6)
close: DEC to close, FO

Sew the ears to the head, and the arms to the body (at the shoulders.)

Now for the details. I used needle felting, but without step-by-step photos here, I strongly recommend you use reference photos.

Here's a video on needle felting for those of you who are beginners:

To needle felt ears, I simply took some light pink roving, and slowly added layers. I wanted a faded effect, so many layers is best! When needle felting I also find it helpful to step back and look at my work.

The face was the trickiest part. To achieve ridges/raised areas you need to make many layers. I find it helpful to make loose "sausages" from the felt, and felt that in with my needle felter. Then I'll add thinner layers to blend everything together.
* If you can't find felt in the same colour as your face, use your yarn and just unravel and brush it!

Felt can be REALLY packed down, so if something doesn't look right, just continue to felt until the shape is correct.

Worst case scenario, pry the felted layers off and start fresh.

I also like to add more eye details, like little white accents at the outside corners.

A Little Jacket
with brown yarn
Row 1: CH 38
Row 2: In 3rd CH from hook DC. Continue to DC across. (36 stitches)
Row 3: CH 2, DC 9, CH 4 (skipping 4 stitches below), DC 9, CH 4 (skipping 4), DC 10. (36 stitches)
This makes the arm holes
Row 4-10: DC across (36 stitches)

Going back to the top of your work, attach your beige yarn to the start of Row 1, and work across as follows:
Row 1a: CH 3, TC 8, DC 6, SC 8, DC 6, TC 8
This will start to make a beige collar
Row 2a-3a: DC across

For the arms, reattach the brown yarn at the arm holes, and DC around 12. DC 2 more rounds.
DC 1 round at the end in beige. FO

Weave in all ends, and you've made a little jacket!

This pattern is for personal use only. Please do not share it as your own, or sell it or any parts of it.

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