Back in the 90's he was in a very famous TV show.

Today's pattern is:

BoJack Horseman!

Sc = single crochet
inc = single crochet increase
dec = single crochet decrease
FO = fasten off
slst = slip stitch
ch = chain
BLO = Back loop only

What You'll Need
2.75mm crochet hook
Worsted weight yarn in:
Sock weight yarn in:
Felt in:
12mm safety eyes
Tapestry Needle
Glue Gun
Polyester stuffing

Using brown yarn
Row 1: SC 8 in magic loop 
Row 2: Inc x 8 (16)
Row 3: *Sc, inc* x 8 (24)
Row 4: *Sc 2, inc* x 8 (32)
Row 5-11: Sc x 32 (32)
Row 12: *Sc, Dec*. x 7, Sc 11 (25)
Row 13: Sc
Row 14: *Sc, Dec* X 3, Sc 13, Sc, dec (21)
Row 15-18: Sc x 21 (21)
Row 19-close: Dec to close, FO
Now you can add the felt details as seen in the picture.  For the eyes you can either use safety eyes like I did (12mm), or use felt.  I looped black yarn through the stitches, and fastened it off.

Using brown yarn
Row 1: Ch 15, join with slst
Row 2: Sc x 15 (15)
Row 3: *Sc 4, inc* X 3 (18)
Row 4: Sc 18 (18)
 Using blue yarn 
Row 5: *Sc 4, inc 5* X 2 (28)
Row 6: Sc x 28 in the BLO (you want it to look like a collar)
Row 7: Sc x 28
Row 8: *Sc 8, inc* X 2, Sc 9, inc (31)
Row 9-11: Sc x 31 (31)
Row 12: Sc 5, *Sc 5, inc* x 4, Sc (35) 
Row 13-14: Sc X 35 (35)
 Using teal yarn 
Row 15-17: Sc x 35 (35)
Now you're going to make the legs!  I've attached a picture for how this process should look (although it isn't the proper amount of stitches, so don't let that throw you off)

For you, you want to have the legs be 17 stitches.  That means there will be one extra (with your round of 35).  I just left it in the middle, and sewed it closed once the legs were done.  
So starting on the legs you will repeat this process for the other one:
Once your work looks like the picture, 
Row 18-22: Sc around (17)

 Using red yarn 
Row 23: Sc around, but you're going to put an increase in each of the 8 front stitches.  This will make it look like shoes/feet (25)
Row 24-25: Sc x 25 (25)
 Using whiteyarn 
Row 26: Sc x 25 (25)
Row 27: In the BLO *Sc 2, Dec*x 6, Sc (19)
Row 28 to close: DEC to close, FO
Repeat this for the other leg, and then stuff the body from the neck.  
Sew the head onto the neck.  
At this point you can also embroider the black X's onto his sweater.  

 Using blue yarn 
Row 1: Ch 8 in loop
Row 2: *Sc 3, inc* X 2 (10)
Row 3-11: Sc x 10 (10)
 Using brown yarn 
Row 12: *Sc, inc* X 5 (15)
Row 13: Sc x 15 (15)
Row 14: *Sc, Dec* X 5 (10)
Row 15 to close: Dec to close, FO
Stuff the arms, and sew them onto the body.

 Using fingering weight grey yarn 
Row 1: Ch 38
Row 2-8: Sc x 39 (39)
Row 9: Sc 5, Dec, Sc 25, Dec, Sc 5 (37)
Row 10-14: Sc x 38, FO (37)
Now you have a rectangle that should wrap around his body under his arms.  You're going to crochet a smaller rectangle on the top of this, that will sit between his shoulders.  
Row 15(ish): Count 13 stitches (we're crocheting across the wide part of the rectangle), and put your hook into the 14th.  Sc 11 starting there.  When you finish, there should be another 13 stitches left on the other side.  
Row 16-17(ish): Turn your work, ch 1.  Sc x 11
Now you should have a raised rectangle on top of your larger rectangle.  Now you're going to direct your attention to those two lower spaces with 13 stitches.

Start of collar/jacket lapel 
Row 1 (but still attached to the other piece): Choose either, and starting in the 1st stitch, Sc 7
Row 2: Sc x 7 (7)
Row 3: Sc 5, Dec (6)
Row 4: Dec, Sc 4 (5)
Row 5: Sc 3, Dec (4)
Row 6-30: Sc x 4 (4)
Row 31: Inc, Sc 3 (5) 
** you want your increases to be on the same side as your previous ones.  If they aren't for some reason, just reverse these next 3 rows to make it right.**
Row 32: Sc 4, inc (6)
Row 33: Inc, Sc 5 (7)
Row 34-35: Sc x 7 (7)

Sewing the collar on.  
You'll be sewing it to the other side (the other 13 stitches that you didn't start on)  Starting on the edge, sew your work to the 7 stitches.
*Attaching it to the middle raised rectangle*
Count 12 rows, in the 13th sew across the 11 back stitches. Really, you just want to be sewing the middle of this piece to that raised rectangle.  

Those 6 stitches on the large rectangle that weren't worked/sewed in are now the openings for the arm holes.  

Jacket Arms
Row 1: Crocheting onto the arm hole space, Sc 17 around. 
(you will have to do some decreases to make the crocheting look smooth.  I just eyeballed it and it worked fine. )
Row 2-8: Sc x 17 (17)
Row 9: Sc around, but dec 1 under the arm to shape the sleeves.  (16)
Row 10-17: Sc x 16 (16)
Weave in all ends, and sew the lapel and collar down.  


  1. OMG I love this! What size hook did you use for him?

    1. A 2.75 mm one. I'll update the supplies list with that :)

  2. Sadly the pictures aren't showing up anymore :( Maybe you could reupload?

    1. Whoops, sorry for the ridiculously late response. I uploaded those I still had. No idea what happened there!

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