Bulbasaur Crochet Pattern :D

I had planned on waiting a couple of weeks before posting the next pattern in this series, but when it came time to work on my thesis paper naturally I decided that this was more important.

I'll be posting Squirtle next (in a week or two... depending on how much I'm focusing on coursework.) and possibly Pikachu after that, if I can write the pattern out in a way that makes sense.  After that, I'm open to suggestions!

Anyways, without further ado, here's my Bulbasaur pattern:

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Bulbasaur Crochet Pattern
By LoopTeeLoops

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What You’ll Need
3.5mm crochet hook
Tapestry Needle
Glue gun/fabric glue
Dark teal Felt
1 pair 10mm safety eyes
Polyfil (or another soft stuffing)
Worsted weight yarn in: Green Light Teal/aqua

SC = single crochet
DEC = single crochet decrease one
INC = single crochet increase one
SlSt = slip stitch
CH = chain
FO = fasten off

Using the light teal yarn
Row 1: CH 2, SC 8 in first stitch. (8 stitches)
Alternatively, SC 8 into a magic circle
Row 2: INC x 8 (16 stitches)
Row 3: *SC, INC* x 8 (24 stitches)
Row 4-6: SC x 24 (24 stitches)
Row 7: *SC x 9*, INC, *SC x 4*, INC, *SC x 9* (26 stitches)
Place eyes 5 stitches apart (in between each of the increases)
Row 8: SC x 26 (26 stitches)
Row 9: *SC x 2*, DEC x 11*, *SC x 2* (15 stitches)
Stuff as much of the head as you can
Row 10: *SC x 4*, *DEC x 3*, *SC x 5*

Finish stuffing head, FO with SlSt.

Row 1: CH 2, SC 6 in first stitch. (6 stitches)
Alternatively, SC 6 into a magic circle
Row 2: INC x 6 (12 stitches)
Row 3: *SC, INC* x 6 (18 stitches)
Row 4-6: SC x 18 (18 stitches)
Row 7: *SC x 5*, INC, *SC x 6*, INC, *SC x 5* (20 stitches)
Row 8-10: SC x 20 (20 stitches)
Row 11: DEC to close, stuffing the body as you go. FO with a SlSt.

Sew Head onto Body

Ignore the pod/ears (that’s coming later), but this is the placement for the head to be sewn onto the body

Row 1: CH 2, SC 6 in first stitch. (6 stitches)
Alternatively, SC 6 into a magic circle
Row 2: *SC, INC* x 3
Row 3: *SC 2, INC* x 3
FO with SlSt

Sew ears onto head (I’ve provided a picture below to use as a placement guide.)

Row 1: CH 12, join the ends into a loop with a SlSt. (You’re just making a crochet ring with 12 stitches around.) (12 stitches)
Row 2: INC x 12 (24 stitches)
Row 3-4: SC x 24 (24 stitches)
Row 5: *SC 4, DEC* x 4 (20 stitches)
Row 6: DEC x 10 (10 stitches)
Row 7: DEC x 5 (5 stitches)
Row 8: SC 4, SlSt, FO.

Stuff pod (from the bottom)
Sew pod to the back of your Bulbasaur

Arms and Legs
Row 1: CH 2, SC 10 in first stitch. (10 stitches)
Alternatively, SC 10 into a magic circle
Row 2-5: SC x 10 (10 stitches)
FO with SlSt.

Stuff legs lightly, and sew them onto body. (see pictures at the start of pattern for placement.)

Next comes the markings! This part is super simple, just cut out a bunch of triangles /other angled shapes of varying sizes and using the fabric glue/your hot glue gun, fasten them to your Bulbasaur.
And you’re done!

This crochet pattern is © Tessa D’Achille, 2017. This pattern may not be sold, re-written, or re-posted without the author's permission

I hope you enjoy the pattern!  Please feel free to let me know if you have any difficulties, or if anything is unclear.


  1. you are awesome! thank you for the patterns!

  2. Awww this is so cute and fun!! Thank you for making this and having it available for free :)


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