First Post and First Free Pattern!

I've decided to hit the ground running with this.  I LOVE to create things out of yarn, so I decided to create a site where I could offer patterns, tips, and tricks in the hope that it inspires a few other people to create too. (Most importantly, I'll be posting at least one free pattern monthly!)

To start things off, I'm diving into nostalgia.  I'm sure I'm in the majority when I say that I grew up watching Pokemon, so the next few posts will feature the three Kanto Starters, Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur.

First off: Charmander

Honestly, look how adorable this little guy is!  And he's incredibly easy to make.

Charmander Crochet Pattern

By LoopTeeLoops

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What You’ll Need
3.5mm crochet hook
Tapestry Needle
Glue gun/fabric glue
White felt
1 pair 10mm safety eyes
Polyfil (or another soft stuffing)
Worsted weight yarn in: Orange Yellow Red

SC = single crochet
DEC = single crochet decrease one
INC = single crochet increase one
SlSt = slip stitch
CH = chain
FO = fasten off

Using the orange yarn

Row 1: CH 2, SC 8 in first stitch. (8 stitches)
Alternatively, SC 8 into a magic circle
Row 2: INC x 8 (16 stitches)
Row 3: *SC, INC* x 8 (24 stitches)
Row 4-6: SC x 24 (24 stitches)
Row 7: *SC x 7*, INC, *SC x 8*, INC, *SC x 7* (26 stitches)

Place eyes 5 stitches apart, and 6 stitches down from the top of the head, between the two increases

Row 8: SC x 26 (26 stitches)
Row 9: *SC x 2*, *DEC x 11*, *SC x 2* (15 stitches)
Stuff the head as much as possible
Row 10: SC, *DEC x 6*, *SC x 2* (9 stitches)

Finish stuffing the head

Don’t cut the orange yarn at this point, as the body is a continuation of the head

Row 1: INC x 9 (18 stitches)
Row 2-6: SC x 18 (18 stitches)
Row 7 to close: DEC to close, FO.

Stuff the body before you complete the DEC.

Cut an egg shape out of the white felt, and glue it onto the center of the body, making sure it reaches from start of body to bottom. (see main picture for additional guidance. Ignore the arms and legs for now… they’re the next step.)

Row 1: CH 2, SC 5 into first stitch. (5 stitches)
Alternatively, make a magic circle and SC 5 into it.
Row 2-3: SC x 5 (5 stitches)
FO with SlSt

Sew on arms using the tapestry needle (use picture on previous page for guidance.)


Row 1: CH 2, SC 6 into first stitch. (6 stitches)
Alternatively, make a magic circle and SC 6 into it.
Row 2-3: SC x 6 (6 stitches)
FO with SlSt

Sew on legs using the tapestry needle (use main picture for guidance.)

Row 1: CH 2, SC 3 into first stitch. (3 stitches)
Alternatively, make a magic circle and SC 3 into it. (BUT leave a bit of a space as you’ll want to thread the flames through later)
Row 2: SC, INC, SC (4 stitches)
Row 3: SC, *INC x 2*, SC (6 stitches)
Row 4-5: SC x 6 (6 stitches)
Row 6: *SC x 2*, *INC x 2*, *SC x 2* (8 stitches)
Row 7: SC x 8 (8 stitches)
Row 8: *SC x 2*, *INC x 4*, SC, DEC
Row 8 continued?/mini row 9: Dec 1, FO.

For the flames, I simply separated the strands of a few medium length pieces of yarn (red, yellow, orange), tied a knot at the end, and threaded them through the end of the tail using the tapestry needle. Then I trimmed them to how I wanted them to look.

Sew on the tail.

You can also include some wire in the tail to make it poseable. I did this and I like how it looks.

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This crochet pattern is © Tessa D’Achille, 2017. This pattern may not be sold, re-written, or re-posted without the author's permission


  1. I adore the pattern but I was wondering if you have the licensing rights for this and the other pokemon patterns?

  2. I am also wondering the same.


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